3 Tips for Authentic Self-Promotion

Most people I work with in my coaching practice say to me…

“I believe if I do a good job, my work should speak for me and I will be recognized for the great work I do. I’m not comfortable self-promoting.”

Then I ask…

“So how is that strategy working for you? Are you getting the recognition you believe you deserve?”

I inevitably get a sheepish look, followed by the words “hmm, not so well” or some version of that.

At that point they are open to addressing their discomfort with self-promotion and we can move forward.

How about you? Are you comfortable self-promoting?

Yes, I’m asking you.

Don’t run away. Stay with me.

I’m not talking about the type of self-promotion that makes you feel like you’re boasting or bragging.


What I’m talking about is Authentic Self-Promotion.

It’s the type of self-promotion that feels true, congruent, ethical and uplifting to you.

It’s the type that lets you showcase your gifts to the world, and leaves you feeling fulfilled.

And it makes people want to engage with you and learn more about you.

It’s an art that you can learn.

Here are 3 tips to get you on your way.

1. Change your thinking about self-promotion

If you stop thinking about self-promotion as this dirty, awkward or comfortable thing and start to see it as a way to make you visible so that you can get the recognition you deserve, it becomes easier to master.

2. Observe others

Look for people who you think self-promote in an admirable way. What can you learn from them? Make it your mission to deeply and curiously study what they are doing right and model that.

3. Practice

Now that you’ve observed a few things that you can model, look for opportunities to take a turn. Keep practicing authentic self-promotion, get feedback, adjust until you can do it without discomfort.

Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet – in the most authentic way.

Protect your Personal Brand at Work

Find yourself in an unexpected crisis at work?

A change did not turn out as well as you thought it would and now your joy at work is impacted.

It could be that your team has been restructured and you’ve ended up in a team you have no desire to work with

Or new management has arrived and created changes that don’t work for you.

Maybe you’ve missed out on a promotion.

Or that your once peer is now your manager.

The list is endless because stuff happens all the time.

And you get angry and bitter…that reaction is quite normal.

What matters is how you deal with these very emotionally charged changes.

If you choose to stay or absolutely cannot leave, how do you exhibit consistent values and professional character no matter what. How do you guard your personal brand and professional reputation when you are angry, bitter or frustrated at work?


Here are some tips to help you protect your personal brand through the turmoil.

Vent, then move on quickly

Emotions need to be released. Without a doubt, you need to be able to process your negative feeling towards the situation.

However, limit the time it takes to move on and limit the number of people you confide in.

Remember what you focus on expands so if you dwell on your painful circumstances, you get more pain.


Make your own plan for where you want to be and start working on it

Will you go or will you stay?

Appreciate what you have gained so far and move on to greater things…those things that you want for yourself. Not what someone else has decided for you.

In most cases you’re still in control and you still have a choice – stay or leave.

If you plan to leave, then develop a calculated exit strategy that leaves your reputation intact as you move on.


If you’ve slipped, admit it and apologise

Lost your cool in a meeting due to all this pressure?

Admit it, apologise and guard yourself against making the same mistake again. There is no need to damage your reputation even further.

If you chose to stay during unfavourable circumstances, have the strength of character to stand tall, live your values no matter what inner turmoil your current work situation is putting you through.

In other words, find the resolve to deal with your circumstances without diminishing your credibility.


Remember the world is now very small

Six degrees of separation is a myth and news travels really fast. A bad reputation can follow you around and can be hard to shake off.

So…protect your reputation no matter what!